Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios

This project will identify technological solutions and develop energy scenarios for the Nordic energy sector that will enable the Nordic commitment of reaching carbon neutrality.

On January 25th, 2019, the prime ministers of the Nordic countries signed the Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality in which they commit themselves to working towards becoming a carbon neutral region.

The Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project will identify technological solutions and develop energy scenarios on how the Nordic energy sector can achieve carbon neutrality and how it implicates various sectors. Quantitative scenarios will be developed, describing pathways from 2018 to 2050 including a special focus on the midterm 2030.

The project is a consortium of leading researchers and scientists in energy modelling and scenario development, managed by Energiforsk's VD Markus Wråke. What this project aims to do is to build on previous work, such as the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives, by complementing the cost-effective pathways with deeper analysis of technological and socio-economic framework conditions. This includes policy, technological shifts, economic outlooks, developments in other countries, and other societal changes that impact the Nordic region. 

This comprehensive analysis allows for better understanding of potential consequences if key assumptions develop differently than expected and will provide a nuanced picture of potential solutions and developments.

To present our findings a web-based tool will be developed to enable decision makers, researchers, and non-experts to explore data and results in a transparent and accessible way. The models and database created in the project will be open access, enabling continuous development and future analysis.