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Cigré, the International Council on Large Electric Systems, focusses on research and development of the production, transmission, and distribution of high voltage electrical energy. The organisation works for development and information exchange.

Cigré's General Secretariat is located in Paris with Swedish operations led by the Swedish National Committee, coordinated by Energiforsk.

Our work with Cigré includes member management, finance and accounting, administering and conducting meetings and symposia, as well as preparing Swedish researchers to present their technical reports at the congress in Paris. The Swedish National Committee also informs members and other stakeholders in Sweden about work groups' activities and what is happening in the organisation as a whole.

All members receive the bimonthly journal Electra and access to a database of articles on the generation and transmission of high voltage electrical energy published since 1972. Membership also includes information on upcoming seminars and the opportunity to participate in Cigré's conference held in Paris every two years.

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Ground-breaking monitoring and protection methods for OLTCs can ensure power delivery

Monitoring and protection methods for on-load tap changers, OLTCs, could predict and minimize unplanned outages and ensure uninterruptible power delivery.

20 jun 2022 - Elnät

Great interest in Swedish research

CIGRE, the International Council on Large Electric Systems, focusing on research and development on high-voltage electrical energy, has granted all Swedish synopses to the congress in Paris in August.

27 nov 2019

CIGRE’s 48th Technical Congress and Exhibition

Known as the Paris Session, this event attracts participants from across the whole world and is the culmination of the previous two years of the CIGRE knowledge programme. The Paris Session is unlike any other conference. It offers an in-depth interactive congress, following a rigorous process where, rather than being presented, hundreds of papers are collaboratively debated.

27 jun 2019

Call for papers

Now it is time for you working with electrical power systems to write a synopsis to the next Cigre congress held in Paris next August. Download a document that lead you thru the process of papers and a template for synopsis.

14 apr 2019

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