CIGRE’s 48th Technical Congress and Exhibition

Known as the Paris Session, this event attracts participants from across the whole world and is the culmination of the previous two years of the CIGRE knowledge programme. The Paris Session is unlike any other conference. It offers an in-depth interactive congress, following a rigorous process where, rather than being presented, hundreds of papers are collaboratively debated.

At the Paris Session Authors do not present their papers.  Their papers are circulated to delegates and carefully analyzed in advance by the Study Committee ‘Special Reporters’.  Before the Paris Session, these Special Reporters prepare a series of questions addressed to the community in order to stimulate contributions.

The ‘Group Discussion Meeting’ of each Study Committee, managed by the Special Reporter, allows the selected ‘Contributors’ to present their point of view and experience, before an audience of experts.  This way the collective expertise of the Contributors is used to create new ideas that build on what the author presented in their paper under discussion.

New ideas and knowledge are synthesized the following day in what are called ‘Daily Reports’.  These, along with other Group Discussion Meeting inputs, form the basis of what the CIGRE Study Committees and their ‘Working Groups’ will focus on in the following two years.

Where: Paris, When: August 23-28 2020
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