Meetings and Seminars During a Virus Outbreak

Here at Energiforsk we are doing our part in slowing down the spread of the novel corona virus. The majority of all our meetings, conferences, and seminars will therefore be held digitally.

We follow experts guidelines for social distancing in time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, most of our meetings and webinars are now held in the Microsoft Teams application. There are several ways to connect to the application. We hope you will find one that is compatible with the IT- environment in your organization.

When clicking the invitation link sent to you prior to the event you will be given the option to join via browser or via the Teams app. If you already have the app on your computer or smartphone, choosing this option will give you the best user experience. 

If you do not have a Microsoft Teams Account, you can enter the meeting as a guest via your browser by clicking the link.

Different ways to connect to our meetings:

  • Teams desktop application

If the Teams application is not already installed on your computer, you can download it from the Microsoft web page.

  • Teams app on your smartphone

Download the Teams app in the App store or Google Play to install on your phone.

  • Via browser on your computer or on your smartphone

This option is available to those with a Teams account as well as for unregistered guests. Right click on the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link then copy and paste the link into your browser. Teams is compatible with the browsers Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, RS2, Chrome, and Firefox.

If you have any questions regarding a meeting or event organised by Energiforsk please get in touch.