We welcome your ideas on environmentally sustainable uses of energy ashes

Since many years research has been carried out on how ashes from combined heat and power plants can become a useful resource, for example as compensation for forest biomass extraction. There are still knowledge gaps to fill about potential uses for these ashes and we are looking for research proposals!

Energiforsk's Ash Programme is working to develop resource efficent solutions for how energy ashes can be used. An important task is to support Swedish decision makers by producing knowledge and facts on ash related questions. The Ash Programme is ongoing from 2017 to 2022 with the goal of stimulating the use of ashes to reduce, or even eliminate, risks to health of people and the environment. Focus within this programme period is on finding uses other than as landfill cover such as reintroducing ashes to soils to compensate for extraction of biomass and as a part of efficient and sustainable resource management. The three programme areas are construction, forest and soil, and chemistry and environment. Programme manager is Helena Sellerholm:

- We are looking forward to recieve proposals on improved logistics and increased material circularity. These proposals need to be sent to us by March 18th.

Proposals provided in two steps

At this stage we do not require you to write a full project application. After confirmation from the steering group, proposals will be subject to further development and possible adaptations. A full project description will therefor be produced at a later stage. Final decision on the proposal will then be made by the steering group in May.