International platform for thermal energy research

Energiforsk and the University of Linköping are now launching the website for the international platform for thermal energy systems research. The platform is based on the conditions of thermal energy systems in Sweden. The aim is to further position and strengthen the development of renewable and competitive Swedish district heating and CHP systems.

The knowledge platform will serve as a forum for continuous national and international monitoring of the research and news within the focus areas. Three areas, in relation to thermal energy systems, are in focus:

  • Customer solutions and new business models
  • Flexibility
  • Digitalisation and policy instruments

Julia Kuylenstierna is responsible for the program FutureHeat at Energiforsk, the research program this project is a part of:

–  There is a lot of research in district heating internationally, but there has been no platform focusing on Sweden. The website is now going to simplify the knowledge acquisition within the focus areas.

The Swedish systems for district heating and district cooling need to be adapted to prevailing conditions but also to future challenges. Therese Nehler, assistant lecturer at Linköping University and one of the project managers of the platform:

– Our vision with this knowledge platform is that the users of the platform, for example energy suppliers, energy sector organizations, authorities, researchers will visit this platform and find the knowledge and research they need about thermal energy systems.

Based on the results of this project's work and what emerged during discussions at completed workshops, the project, as an additional delivery, has prepared a program for a session at an international district heating conference to be conducted in November 2020.

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