Pressure-time method test rig operational at LTU

The pressure - time method is a discharge measurement method commonly used to estimate the flow rate in hydro-power plants to assess the turbine hydraulic efficiency. The method needs further development for application to low head hydraulic turbines where the intake cross-section is not constant.

Mehrdad Kalantar Neyestanaki is a PhD student at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) working with the development of the pressure-time method. 

Mehrdad is investigating a new concept combining numerical simulation and experimental measurements to extend the applicability of the method. For this purpose a new test rig has been developed at LTU. The main purpose of the test rig is to test the pressure - time method in a geometry with variable cross-section and get reliable data. The designed system consists of two tanks at different heights, with water flowing between them. The design flow rate is 10 l/s and the max flow rate is 15 l/s. The valve closure, thatmimics the guide vanes closure in a turbine, can be closed in less than half a second with an AC Servo Motor. Design and manufacturing has been completed and the test rig is finally operational.

Mehrdad Kalantar is working on the project which is maanged by Michel Cervantes, professor at LTU.