Welcome Urban!

Energiforsk continues to strengthen its team and Urban Andersson is our latest colleague. Urban will be responsible for the Nuclear Power Portfolio at Energiforsk.

- The interest in nuclear power has grown enormously and I’m very pleased to have recruited Urban. He adds competence and experience to our team, specifically around nuclear power and the energy system in general, says Markus Wråke, CEO of Energiforsk. 

Urban will take over the nuclear power portfolio from Monika Adsten who has a new job. 

- It feels particularly exciting to work with Energiforsk and the nuclear power portfolio since there are both important challenges for the existing nuclear power such as long-term operation and spent fuel disposal facilities, as well as new opportunities like hydrogen production and small-scale reactors! 

Urban has worked within the energy industry for over 25 years and was an industrial doctoral in experimental fluid dynamics during his time at Vattenfall R&D. Between his jobs at Vattenfall and Forsmark, Urban worked at Alstom / GE as a project manager for water turbine upgrade projects. At Forsmark, Urban worked with developing and adapting the maintenance for 60 years of operation, and to get a better view of the status. 

- Primarily, I have worked with research, development, and improvements in both simpler evaluations to deeper academic studies. However, a common factor has always been the ambition to operationally implement the results. 

- I have been involved in projects that involve networking and collaborating to find the best solutions, says Urban. 

At Energiforsk, Urban looks forward to contributing to the development of the energy industry and self-improve by learning new tools in applied research and development. 

- I think it is in Sweden’s interest to increase the research and development in the field of nuclear power. Partially, so that the reactors we already have can be used for as long as possible, but also to realize and take advantage of the potential of new technology. In doing so, Urban will play a key role with us, says Markus Wråke.  

In his spare time, Urban likes to run and work out. He appreciates traveling, culture, and good food. If he has any time left over, he usually paints or engages in any of his other creative projects, such as photography.