The future of thermal grids

A conference with focus on innovative solutions of low temperature networks and in parallel, technologies to future proof the large systems already in operation.

District heating and cooling is a key to the decarbonisation of Europe and the transition to sustainable energy. District energy networks still has challenges to overcome, but developments in modernizing and digitalizing existing grids and the advances of the next generation district heating and cooling show us the future. 25-26 of November you are invited to a conference with focus on innovative solutions. Some of the topics that will be covered in the conference includes 4GDH and low temperature district heating, optimization of existing grids, future energy sources including surplus heat and the use of district heating in areas of new, energy efficient buildings.

The two parallel sessions will cover:
● Low temperature and 4/5GDH grids
● Modernization and Optimization of existing grids

Visit to the world’s largest Low Temperature District Heating-grid

The city district Brunnshög in Lund is a European role model, a pioneer at the forefront of sustainable development. Here excess heat from the research facilities ESS and MAX IV is used for the world’s to be largest low-temperature district heating (LTDH) network. Follow us on a virtual study visit where we will make short pit stops to some of the places in Brunnshög, displaying key elements of the new LTDH-grid, from production to use.

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