Supplying roads with electricity

At Energiforsk we are currently working on exploring avenues to secure power supply for different forms of electric roads. Areas of interest include necessary requirements to meet demand and possibilities for a grid connection with sufficient capacity.

The electrification of transport is continuously developed and debated. Different technological solutions are weighted against each other and several different stakeholders are getting involved.

Within research the socioeconomic advantages of a dynamic load in a shared infrastructure for electric roads is emphasized. The Swedish Transport Administration is the authority in charge of investigating the technological and commercial viability of electric roads.

–We want to communicate with power grid companies along the European Routes in southern Sweden to discuss available and expandable infrastructure for electric roads, Anders Bülund responsible for the topic at The Swedish Transport Administration.

Energiforsk is coordinating the dialogue between the government agency and grid companies that are currently engaged in discussions on how to best contribute to this development.

–A first step is to arrange workshops with the opportunity to exchange information and discuss prospects and challenges, Sanna Hagerud Energiforsk.

Energiforsk is also in charge of communicating new information to grid companies’ part of the industrial network, Elkraft, in which this project is carried out.