About the programme

Digitalization is the inevitable next step for the nuclear power industry as significant benefits can be achieved in operation and maintenance. Simultaneously it is necessary for the industry to attract new talent to secure future demand. We see that digitalization will be an indispensable tool to boost interest for the nuclear industry with a new generation of engineers.

The use and benefit of this programme is therefore significant both to secure efficient operations but also as a tool to secure future engaged engineers for the industry. A study carried out by Fortum, on the behalf of Energiforsk, showed that the Swedish nuclear power industry has a lot to gain from experience sharing, nationally and internationally, on the road towards a more digitalized industry. With longer time frames in mind, digitalization will be an indispensable tool to enable visualization and efficiently transfer knowledge between actors.

Initial areas of focus in this new programme has been identified by the steering committee.

  • Creation of an arena for experience sharing and follow up of already initiated pilot projects.
  • Review of international activities in digitalization.
  • Exploration of the potential for Internet of Things - IioT - solutions to better utilize industrial data in real time, enabling timely response measures. 
  • Seminar on additive manufacture to secure continuous maintenance and resource efficiency. 

Stakeholders that are engaged in both operative and strategic positions within the nuclear power industry as well as authorities will obtain benefits from digitalization as it creates considerable possibilities for efficient and safe operation of nuclear power plants as well as enabling perspectives with long time frames.