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21 - 22 september, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås

Aging of polymers in nuclear applications

We have invited Dr Sue Burnay, John Knott Associates ltd, UK, to give a one-day education on the ageing of polymers in nuclear applications. Dr Burnay is one of the world´s leading experts in the degradation of polymers in nuclear applications.

September 21 Education - Why is polymer ageing of concern?
The following topics were covered:

  • Importance of polymeric components
  • Basics of polymer degradation
    • Polymer types in use
    • Degradation stressors & mechanisms
    • Ageing effects on macroscopic properties
  • Accelerated ageing – thermal & radiation
  • Diffusion-limited oxidation – why is it important?
  • Dose rate effects and synergism
  • Pigment/formulation effects
  • Special situations
    • Reverse temperature effect
    • Temperature transients in seals

An overview of assessment of aged polymeric components and lifetime prediction methods will also be given.

Links to documentation:

Why is aging of concern?

Aging assessment

Lifetime prediction models

September 22 COMRADE workshop
Preliminary results from the COMRADE Project will be presented and discussed during a full day workshop. A tour of the laboratories at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden will also be offered.

The event is fully booked. For the waiting list please contact us