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Introduction to Solve and the webinar agenda
Chris Bales
Högskolan i Dalarna
Summary of IEA collaboration on BIPV
A brief summary of the research done and research to come within the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme “Task 15 Enabling framework for the development of BIPV” and which organizations that is representing Sweden in the collaboration. Malin Unger, architect and a project leader in Solar Energy at RISE, is a theme leader in Theme 2 within Solve, together with Chris. Bales.
Malin Unger
IEAs new Guidebook on BIPV
Costa Kapsis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Costa’s research lies at the interface between science, engineering and architectural design with an emphasis on energy in buildings and communities, with focus on energy efficiency, solar energy generation and energy transaction in the built environment. Costa will be presenting on the first international BIPV design guidebook.
Costa Kapsis
University of Waterloo, Canada
BIPV in New York – 20 years of experience and current trends
Anthony Pereira is the Founder of altPOWER a New York City and London based urban renewable energy development and design firm with a focus on BIPV. Anthony's work over the past 30 years has brought many BIPV projects to completion, that firsthand experience places Anthony in a unique position to discuss the evolution of BIPV products, codes and standards. Anthony's presentation will focus on US and international BIPV codes and standards that drive manufacturer's, architect's and engineer's design decisions.
Solve PhD Marieke Rynoson and Elin Daun presents their initial research results and topics.
Questions and finish/sum-up
Malin Unger
Chris Bales
Högskolan i Dalarna

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