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25 januari, Stockholm

Nuclear Technology and Policy Developments – A Global Perspective


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In view of the Paris Climate Agreement the electricity production practices and projections are changing - in the Nordic area and worldwide.

The ongoing revolution with respect to markets and innovation in the energy sector is reflected in the conditions for nuclear power. In this year’s edition of the Energiforsk Nuclear Conference we will look into the two pronounced areas of nuclear policy and technology development.

Countries’ view on nuclear power exhibits very high variation, even among countries within a close geographical area, with some countries building nuclear power production while other are decommissioning. We will start the seminar with a global view on nuclear policy development, and then take a closer look into a few regions and countries.

Policy and development often go hand in hand, thus it is interesting to see how the nuclear technology is developing in view of the policy arena. Small modular reactor, SMR, designs are believed to become an important part of the nuclear strategy in several countries. There is also a lot of attention on Generation IV technologies, not only from engineers but also from politicians. We will summarize where we are today on SMR and Generation IV development and also look into what is waiting around the corner.

Most welcome!

Monika Adsten, Energiforsk