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1 - 2 februari, Stockholm

Advancing the Nordic Nuclear Supply Chain

The current situation in Europe has highlighted the role of nuclear in the energy mix and the vulnerabilities within the nuclear power supply chain. Join us in February to discuss how the industry could avoid delays and bottlenecks in upcoming nuclear developments.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated vulnerabilities in the entire energy system but also specific needs for the nuclear power industry. With the construction of Olkiluoto 3 in Finland, there has been significant lessons learned regarding the need of a well-defined supply chain. For the next edition of Energiforsk’s Annual Nuclear Conference we have invited key actors to share their experiences to enable the nuclear power industry to reduce risk in their supply chains and asset management.

The industry will need to rebuild the network of international and local suppliers to ensure a fast and secure development. During the conference we will address needs both for new nuclear as well as specific challenges for Small Modular Reactors (SMR). The supply of nuclear fuels will also be an important segment of next year’s conference given its importance for security of supply.

Details about the conference

The Energiforsk annual nuclear conference 2023 gathers international experts in Stockholm and online to discuss, reflect, and provide insights on the role of emerging opportunities for nuclear.

Speakers include representatives from the nuclear industry, researchers and more. 


Nordic Nuclear Business Networking Session is organized in conjunction with the Annual Nuclear Conference by the Swedish Atomic Forum and FinNuclear. Please observe that the venue in central Stockholm will be informed to participants.

For more information and registration please visit: Nordic Nuclear Business Networking Session