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2 april, Stockholm

Grid Interference on Nuclear power plant Operations 2019

Flexible nuclear power and ancillary services – technical perspectives.

The Nordic energy system is facing a "new normal" driven by many factors, such as, a larger share of weather-dependent electricity generation that provides intermittent power output, a more decentralized distribution of power producers and closing of conventional large-scale power production units. The new normal limits the access of already existing ancillary services, but also drives a need of designing new services to facilitate the changes. How will the new normal affect the power system, what can hydro- and nuclear power deliver today in terms of ancillary services and do the nuclear power plants need to adjust their operation to adapt to this new situation?

Energiforsk arranged an international high level seminar on January 24, enlightening the new normal in a nuclear context on a structural level. As a follow up to this seminar, the Energiforsk R&D program GINO (Grid Interfence on Nuclear power plant Operations) arranged a seminar on the same topic, but with presentations and discussions that were on a more technical and detailed level. During the seminar, the current and future requirements for frequency containment reserves (FCR-N) and Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR-D) was presented along with international experience.

Slides from the presentations are found below. The majority of the presentations were also filmed and can be viewed on YouTube



Registration and coffee


Welcome, Monika Adsten, Energiforsk


Safety perspectives on flexible nuclear power providing ancillary services, Mattias Karlsson, The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority



Introduction: Current and future need for flexible power and ancillary services in the Nordic power system, Maja Lundbäck, Svenska kraftnät


Coffee break



Current and future requirements for frequency containment reserves (FCR-N) and Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR-D), Andreas Westberg, Svenska kraftnät


Experience from Tests of Frequency Containment Reserve delivery for Generating Units, Evert Agneholm, DNV GL




Delivering flexible power and ancillary services with hydropower, Linn Saarinen, Vattenfall


Delivering flexible power and ancillary services with nuclear power, Thomas Smed, Forsmark NPP




Ancillary and balancing services provided by NPPs in Germany over the last decade, Tatiana Salnikova, Framatome GmbH



Analysis of impacts of the changing boundary conditions in the European synchronous grid on the operation of Nuclear Power Plants, Robert Arians, GRS


Discussion and reflections


End of seminar