This conference is completed
24 september, Webbinarium

Hydropower in the European Energy System: Future Flexibility Requirements

Please observe that the HydroFlex workshop planned for October will now be held as a webinar series. This is the first out of four webinars, hosted by the Swedish Hydropower Center, SVC, and HydroFlex.

In this webinar series researchers will present the latest results from the HydroFlex project. The project aims towards scientific and technological solutions that enable hydropower to operate with high flexibility in order to utilize full power and storage capabilities.

Experts in the field have been invited to discuss the future of Norwegian and Swedish hydropower in the European energy system.

Preliminary agenda

Introduction to HydroFlex WP2 – Marius Siemonsmeier (RWTH)

Keynote I: Hydropower as flexibility provider for Europe’s future energy markets – Peter Wirtz (RWTH)

Keynote II: Highly flexible water turbines – Essential solution to future stability challenges? – Maik Schönefeld (RWTH)

Panel discussion: Nordic/Swedish hydropwoer in the future European energy system
S. Karlsson, Swedish Energy Agency (TBC)
J. Bladh, Swedenergy
F. Engström, Vattenfall

Moderator: Bjarne Børresen, Multiconsult

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Webinar 2: Flexible Turbines

Webinar 3: Flexibility of Generator and Converter

Webinar 4: Environmental Impacts and Mitigation