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9 mars, Webinar

International approaches to monitoring and diagnostics centres

Implementing a monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) centre is by many seen as an important tool for better maintenance planning, reduced plant downtime and improved efficiency. This webinar will included hands-on knowledge on business cases, experience, benefits and challenges in introducing M&D centres in existing plants. It was aimed at persons working with plant development, maintenance and operation in the hydropower- and nuclear sector.

There is no clear definition of what a M&D centre is and how it can be applied to a plant or fleet of plants. It can be anything from simply gathering signals from existing monitoring systems and displaying them in an interface, to a massive installation of new sensors and systems, delivering new information and analytics both on a detailed level and providing an overview of plant health and economics. The concept of M&D centre can be applied to a fleet of assets in a similar way, in-spite the fleet consisting of different types of generation assets.

This webinar was jointly arranged by the Norwegian/Swedish Forum for digitalization in hydropower and the Energiforsk Digitalization in nuclear applications program.


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Welcome and introduction

Monika Adsten Energiforsk and Martin Hviid Nielsen, Energy Norway
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EDF's fleetwide e-Monitoring experience and examples of gains on nuclear fleet

Yves Laurent Beck and Marta Benito Garcia Morales, EDF

Draft scope: Implementation of e-Monitoring on the EDF’s Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear and Wind/solar fleets and illustrate it by its application to the nuclear fleet (including KPI) and by an example of catches.







Monitoring and Diagnostics Program Best Practices

Michael Taylor, Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI
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Scope: Unlike Main Control Rooms in electric utilities, monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) programs are dissimilar in practice. The seven focus areas of any M&D program and the business surrounding the program are identical regardless of the application. EPRI’s Integrated Monitoring and Diagnostics program is in the process of creating a multi-volume M&D Best Practices guide applicable to any M&D program in any industry for any application. This presentation will describe the product and outline some of the best practices to be included in the document.







Monitoring and Diagnostics Implementation at Dominion

Joseph Rigatti, Dominion Energy Services
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Scope: Overview of Dominion digitalization- and M&D center implementation efforts. The Dominion M&D center includes all generation assets (fossil, wind, solar and nuclear).







Implementing Advanced Monitoring & Analytics

Vincent Roy, Hydro Québec
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Scope: Hydro-Québec operates a fleet of 62 hydroelectric generating stations, representing assets worth $28.6 billion and installed capacity of 36.9 GW, making it one of the largest hydroelectricity producers in the world. It’s hydroelectric fleet also includes 27 large reservoirs with combined storage capacity of 176 TWh, as well as 668 dams and 99 control structures. In 2019 Hydro-Québec initiated the Center for Analysis and Predictive Maintenance (CAMP) to help in the monitoring and diagnostic of its production assets. The objective of the presentation is to give an overview of the mission of the new center, the benefits and the vision.


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