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21 - 22 mars, Gothenburg

KME-HTC Research Symposium 2017

This joint event for the two research programmes KME and HTC will be held at the west coast of Sweden. The Symposium programme will cover research on materials technology, high temperature corrosion, fatigue and mechanical properties, as well as other issues related to materials at high temperatures.

In addition to talks by the researchers in HTC and KME, Professor John Nicholls, Cranfield University, Cranfield UK and Dr. Mathias Galetz, DECHEMA, Frankfurt, Germany are invited to talk. In addition to the oral presentations, there will be a poster session.

The symposium is intended for employees at member companies and researchers from universities and institutes taking part in the HTC and in the KME programme. The symposium will be held March 21-22 at Lindholmen conference centre in Gothenburg.

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March 21

09.00 Coffee, registration

Chairperson 9.00 - 11.20: Bo Jönsson

10.00 Presentation of the KME programme
Bertil Wahlund, Energiforsk

10.10 Presentation of HTC – Towards a new contract period
Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Chalmers

Steam boiler applications 

10.20 Critical corrosion phenomena in the combustion of biomass and waste;

Jesper Liske, Chalmers

The effect of chlorine containing salts and HCl(g) on waterwall corrosion (HTC)
Amanda Persdotter, Chalmers

The effect of Cr and Si on FeCrAl model alloys (HTC)
Johan Eklund, Chalmers 

Chairperson 11.20- 14.20: Sven Andersson
11.20 High Temperature corrosion in small scale biomass boilers (HTC)
Bo Jönsson, Sandvik Heating Technologies 

11.40 Lunch 

12.40 Keynote 1:
High Temperature Corrosion by Molten Nitrates in Concentrated Solar Power Plants
Mathias Galetz Dechema Forschungsinstitut

13.10 High temperature corrosion in used wood fired boilers (KME-708)
Pamela Henderson, Vattenfall 

13.30 High temperature corrosion in used wood fired boilers fuel additives and coatings (KME-718)
Rikard Norling, Swerea KIMAB

13.45 Boiler corrosion at lower temperatures – influence of lead, zinc and chlorides found in used wood (KME-717)
Rickard Norling, Swerea KIMAB

13.55 Increased steam temperature in grate fired boilers - Steamboost (KME-709)
Loli Paz & Torbjörn Jonsson, Chalmers 

14.20 Coffee break

Chairperson 14.50-16.00: Pamela Henderson

14.50 Combating superheater corrosion by new materials and testing procedures (KME-711+720)
Andrea Olivas & Jesper Liske, Chalmers

15.10 Sulphur recirculation and improved material selection for high temperature corrosion abatement (KME-714)
Julien Phother & Loli Paz, Chalmers

15.30 Strain age cracking in nickel based superalloys (KME-706) & Hot cracking in high temperature materials (KME-719)
Lars Nyborg, Chalmers & Joel Andersson, Högskolan väst 

16.00 free time, hotel check in

17.30-20.00 Poster session

20.00 dinner

March 22 

Chairperson 08.30-09.50: Anna Jonasson

Materials challenges in new energy technologies

8.30 Composite Metal Polymer for non-stick improvements in CHP plants (KME-715)
Matti Huhtakangas, MH Engineering & Rikard Norling, Swerea-KIMAB

8.50 Improved steam turbine design for optimum efficiency and reduced cost of ownership (KME-707)
Magnus Genrup & Srikanth Deshpande, LU 

9.10 Influence of high-temperature environments on the mechanical behaviours of high-temperature austenitic stainless steel (KME-701)
Mattias Calmunger, LiU

9.30 Design of a new generation of 12 % chromium steels (KME-710)
Masoud Rashidi, Chalmers                     

9.50 Coffee-break

Chairperson 10.30 - 11.40: Jesper Ederth

10.30 Corrosion of FeCr alloys in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) (HTC)
Jan-Erik Svensson & Claudia Goebel, Chalmers

11.00 High Temperature Corrosion in Gasification of Biomass and waste (HTC)
Rikard Norling, Ragna Elger, Swerea KIMAB

11.20 High temperature materials for industrial processes (HTC)
Jan-Erik Svensson, Christine Geers, Nooshin Mortazawi, Chalmers

Gas turbine applications

Chairperson 11.40-15.00: Marie-Aude Porter 

11.40 Keynote 2:
The interaction between Stress and Corrosion at High Temperatures
John Nicholls, Cranfield University 

12.10 Lunch

13.10 High temperature corrosion in gas turbines (HTC)
Anand Harihara, Chalmers/GKN

13.40 LCF and TMF crack growth in cast nickel-base superalloys (KME-702)
Johan Moverare, LiU

14.00 Durable MCrAlX Coatings for demanding applications in gas turbines (KME-703)
Ru Peng, LiU 

14.20 MoSi2 matrix composites for combustion components exposed to high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion (KME-705)
Yiming Yao, Chalmers & Erik Ström, Sandvik HT

14.40 High Temperature Corrosion of Nickel Base Alloys in a H2O/CO2 Gas Environment
Mohammad Sattari & Mats Halvarsson, Chalmers

15.00 End of conference