This conference is completed
20 - 21 mars, Stockholm

KME-HTC Research Symposium 2018

Welcome to the annual joint event for KME-HTC. On March 20 and 21 the final results from the past four years of research within the two programmes will be presented.

The symposium is intended for employees at member companies, scientist and research-workers from universities and institutes taking part in the HTC and in the KME Programme.

The two day meeting will cover research on materials technology, high temperature corrosion, fatigue and mechanical properties as well as other issues related to materials at high temperatures and materials technology development. The applications include steam boilers, gas turbines and new energy technologies, e.g. fuel cells and gasification of biomass. The final research results from the two programmes will be presented in the symposium.

In addition to talks by the researchers, there will be an invited talk by Dr. Mathias Galetz, DECHEMA, Frankfurt, Germany. The appreciated poster session will be organised this year as well.