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6 mars, Teams/Energiforsk

KME workshop and conference

Welcome to a workshop and a conference within Energiforsk's consortium KME. The conference will cover the final reporting of the projects within the consortium, and the purpose of the workshop is to look ahead and identify new challenges within the area.

The goal of the KME consortium is to raise the efficiency of long-term sustainable energy as well as ensure international industrial competitiveness. The programme has been active since 2018 and ended in 2022. In this conference, the final report of the projects will be presented. The projects have covered a wide range of research areas, such as the mechanical behavior and corrosion of various materials in different high-temperature environments, as well as the performance of different coating materials.

After the presentations, we will look forward and identify new challenges within the area during a workshop. 

This conference and workshop are mainly for mainly for participants in the consortium and projects.