This conference is completed
16 - 17 mars, Ringhals

Polymers in Nuclear Applications 2023

Polymers in nuclear applications is the meeting place for industry professionals where results from ongoing R&D projects will be presented, and speakers from nuclear power plants, suppliers, consultants and researchers will contribute with presentations.

The Swedish and Finnisch nuclear sectors work jointly on research on safe long-term use of polymer components and improving their ageing management. The joint research programme running from 2019-2022 was called SAMPO, Safety criteria and improved ageing management research for polymer components exposed to thermal-radiative environments. The final results from this programme will be presented in this years conference.

However, this topic will become more relevant as the planned lifetime of plants approaches and extension is considered. Discussions are ongoing as to how the industry best can move forward with necessary research.

Join us on March 16-17th to learn more about these materials and what the next steps for the industry are, meet colleagues, experts, and professionals working with maintenance and design in the nuclear sector.