January 19th
Introduction to the Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project and results
Kevin Johnsen
Senior Adviser, Nordic Energy Research
Direct Electrification, the Central Pillar of Decarbonisation
Being a central solution track in all NCES scenarios, direct electrification in turn influences the potential development of other solutions and choices towards a carbon neutral Nordic energy system. To discuss the results we will be joined by Martina Högberg from the Swedish Energy Agency.
Kenneth Karlsson
Senior Project Manager, IVL
Martina Högberg
Energimyndighetens enhet för energisystem
Power-to-X: A Potential Game Changer for the Power Sector?
Indirect electrification, power-to-x, could become key to ensuring fossil free energy for applications that cannot be electrified for technical or financial reasons. In the Nordic context it is still too early to conclude if power-to-x will take the prominent role that many industrial players and governments foresee. To discuss the results we will be joined by Jón Björn Skúlason from Icelandic New Energy.
Anders Kofoed-Wiuff
EA Energy Analyses
Jón Björn Skúlason
Icelandic New Energy
No Individual Technology Choice will Drive the Transformation
A panel discussion with members of the NCES team and invited experts on the two themes of the webinar. Achieving carbon neutrality will require balancing of several solutions in relation to what is technologically, environmentally, and economically possible as well as socially acceptable.
What's Next?
Closing remarks and recommendations for how to use the NCES results to inform action.
Kevin Johnsen
Senior Adviser, Nordic Energy Research