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24 november, Stockholm

​The Emerging EU Market for Electricity

Recent developments in electricity markets suggest that Europe has entered a new phase, with supply increasing more rapidly than demand, putting continued downward pressure on spot prices but paradoxically raising the end users electricity bills.

Although technological advances continue to extend our capabilities, additional constraints – most notably the global climate challenge policies– add complexity and create uncertainties. While low-carbon approaches including renewable energy technologies, nuclear energy and a more active demand side offer significant promise, they also pose new challenges for policymakers.

How does that affect to the value of production if large volumes of the production is subsidized? Are European Energy policies impacting European competitiveness? How does new policies change the stakeholder roles?

The secretariat of the electricity market research program EFORIS will produce a conference discussion paper in advance to explain the context and the state of the art in the areas covered in the conference. The printed material will be distributed to all participants at the conference.

When: 24 November 2015

Where: City Conference Centre, (Norra Latin), Drottninggatan 71B, Stockholm

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