1 - 2 december, Virtual/Ringhals

Polymers in nuclear applications 2021

Most welcome to the conference Polymers in nuclear applications! This is the meeting place on research relating to polymers in different kinds of nuclear applications. The target group for the conference is polymer experts, and persons working with maintenance and design in the nuclear sector. Results from ongoing R&D projects will be presented, and we have also invited nuclear power plants, suppliers, consultants and researchers to contribute with presentations.

Polymeric materials are used for many applications in nuclear power plants. They are quite complex, since their properties and aging mechanisms are highly dependent on their composition. The research in the SAMPO project is focused on safe long-term use of polymer components and improving their ageing management. This is done by studying ageing mechanisms of polymers, determining how to set acceptance criterion properly and providing robust tools for condition monitoring.

These topics become more relevant as the original planned lifetime of the plants is approaching and extension is considered. Safety criteria assessment and ageing management needs to be at sufficient level in order to prevent premature component breakdown and avoiding endangering the overall safety. The SAMPO project is financed by the Finnish Nuclear Waste Management Fund, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the owners of the Swedish and Finnish nuclear power plants. Join this conference to learn about the latest results. We are also pleased to announce invited presentations from the NPPs Oskarshamn and Forsmark, BAM, AMS and The Royal Institute of technology.

Participation in the conference will be at least virtual, but if feasible we will also offer the opportunity to meet in the conference facilities of Ringhals NPP, Varberg, Sweden. You can register for the conference now. In November we will decide on if face-to-face participation will be feasible, and if so, it will be offered to everybody that has registered. If face-to-face participation is feasible, a field trip will be offered in the afternoon of December 2.


Times in CET (GMT+1)

December 1



Welcome, Monika Adsten, Energiforsk/Stjepan Jagunic, Ringhals/Anna Jansson, RISE/Konsta Sipilä, VTT


Ageing mechanisms and effects on polymers


Application of molecular dynamics simulations in predicting the ageing of XLPE, Jukka Vaari, VTT


Pyrolysis modelling of aged polyethylene, Jukka Vaari, VTT




Aging of elastomer O-rings and PE neutron shielding materials for radioactive waste containers, Anja Kömmling, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung (BAM)


Thermal degradation in polymeric materials using microcalorimetry, Mohit Pushp, RISE




Influence of ageing on polymeric components used in Nuclear power plants, Payam Pourmand, Royal Institute of Technology



Evaluation of Phenomena Observed During Accelerated Aging of Cable Insulations, Trevor Toll, Lead Engineer for the Materials Testing Laboratory at Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation (AMS)


End of day 1 of conference


December 2


Welcome, Monika Adsten, Energiforsk/Stjepan Jagunic, Ringhals/Anna Jansson, RISE/Konsta Sipilä, VTT


Case studies performed with sealants in real NPP service condition


Introduction to a NPP joint sealant study, Konsta Sipilä, VTT


Replacement of sealant for the secondary sealing in a reactor containment, Ulrik Brandin, Oskarshamn NPP


Qualification of NBR-material in heat exchangers, Maria Ekelund, Westinghouse and Annelie Jansson, Forsmark NPP




Condition monitoring and quality control


Development of quality management tools for polymeric components, Konsta Sipilä, VTT


Online Permittivity Measurements of Ageing EPDM Rubber in a Laboratory Environment at up to GHz Frequencies, Henrik Toss, RISE


Wrap up of conference


If the pandemic situation allows, a visit to the Ringhals NPP site will be offered. Preliminary time for the visit is 13:00-15:00 CET on December 2.

Price and registration

Registration for the conference is open for virtual participation. If the pandemic situation allows, all participants that have registered for virtual participation will receive information about the possibility to also register for face-to-face participation at Ringhals NPP. Virtual participation is free of charge for professionals in the nuclear sector.

Most welcome to register here at the latest by November 19.

Contact person Monika Adsten, Energiforsk