30 augusti, Digital

PV’s role in urban energy system

Photovoltaic (PV) plays an essential role in the green transition of urban energy systems, by providing renewable energy generation, supporting grid stability, enhancing energy independence, empowering communities, and delivering environmental benefits. Incorporating PV into urban energy plans is crucial for building sustainable, resilient, and equitable cities for the future.

During this webinar, we talk about the research on how PV systems are designed and optimized when they are integrated with urban energy system. We will address the following questions:

  • What is SOLVE and our main vision 
  • How are PV systems optimized from aspects of technique, economy and environment? 
  • How can PV systems, alongside wind power and electric vehicle charging, be optimized to enhance the performance of urban energy systems (EV)?
  • How do large solar parks and battery storages contribute to the Swedish frequency regulation market? 
  • How can data analytics and modelling provide information in smart grid energy saving?


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A link for participation will be sent out the day before the webinar. 


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