Steady and transient measurements in a model test rig

Uppdaterad 2023-03-20 Publicerad 2019-07-30

This project aims to support the development of a test rig, a turbine model and measuring techniques for model testing during transient operations. The test rig and model will allow investigating the flow in detail and the loads acting on the model during such operations.

From these measurements, optimized operational schemes and prototype behaviour will be determined. Such information will be beneficial for existing and refurbished prototype turbines by allowing them to operate with greater flexibility without jeopardizing their expected life and thus higher productivity.

Furthermore, the formation and mitigation of the vortex rope in the draft tube is of interest. Also known as vortex breakdown, this phenomenon is induced by centrifugal and shear instabilities which mechanism is not still completely elucidated. The control of this canonical flow will help to improve the operating range of hydraulic turbines under any type of operations.