Thomas Unger

  • 18:45, 21 January
Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers

Fredrik Hedenus

Fredrik Hedenus is an associate professor at Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers. He has conducted research about the future energy system for 15 years and is co-author of the book Sustainable Development – nuances and perspectives.

  • 09:00, 22 January
Energy for Humanity

Kirsty Gogan

Kirsty Gogan, is co-founder and executive director of Energy for Humanity, an environmental NGO focused on large scale deep decarbonisation and energy access. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior advisor to industry, non-profits and Government, including at 10 Downing St, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where she ran the national public consultation on nuclear new build, reviewed the national communications response to Fukushima and revised national guidance for civil nuclear emergency planning and response.

  • 09:30, 22 January
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Luminita Grancea

Luminita Grancea is Nuclear Energy Analyst in the Division of the Nuclear Technology Development and Economics of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). She is primarily involved in the activities related to the nuclear fuel cycle, with particular emphasis on uranium mining, and socio-economic and environmental factors affecting the development of nuclear power.

  • 10:30, 22 January
European Atomic Forum, FORATOM

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson is Communications Director of FORATOM. Her role includes the development of internal & external communications strategies. Furthermore, she works closely with policy managers to ensure that advocacy and communications go hand in hand for effective lobbying at EU level. She currently also handles issues relating to sustainability including, but not limited to, raw materials impacts, land use, the circular economy and the sustainable finance initiative.

  • 11:10, 22 January
International Atomic Energy Agency

Lisa Berthelot

Lisa Berthelot has been a nuclear communicator for 15 years, primarily at the IAEA where she currently supports operating, expansion, and new nuclear power programmes in the area of stakeholder involvement. Lisa was previously responsible for developing training and guidance on communicating with the public in radiation emergencies and was a member of the IAEA-based 24/7 response team to the Fukushima accident.

  • 13:10, 22 January
The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University

Jenny Palm

Jenny Palm is professor in Sustainable Urban Governance and Experimentation at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. Jenny’s research revolves around stakeholders’ impact and participation, and how stakeholders in collaboration can contribute to sustainable energy systems. Jenny is since 2011 a member of the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste.

  • 13:50, 22 January
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, UK

Tom Martyn

Tom Martyn is a Policy Official in the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. He has been working for the Government in nuclear energy matters since 2013 and most recently has been part of the team assessing the feasibility of applying a Regulated Asset Base funding model to new nuclear.

  • 14:40, 22 January
Fortum Corporation

Tiina Tuomela

Tiina is Executive Vice President, responsible for Fortum Corporation's Nordic power production. The operations comprise nuclear, hydro, thermal and wind power production, portfolio management and trading as well as nuclear services globally. She is also CEO of the license holder company of Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant in Finland and oversees Fortum’s ownerships in Olkiluoto, Oskarhamn and Forsmark nuclear power plants.

  • 15:10, 22 January

Polina Lion

Polina Lion has 15 years professional experience in strategy and international management, specifically in the energy sector. In February 2019 Ms. Lion was appointed as a Chief Sustainability Officer of Russian-based nuclear corporation Rosatom, being a part of Rosatom’s international business team since 2010. For 2013-2015 Ms.Lion has been involved in establishing export regulation in Russia as an executive director for strategic development of the State Export Agency EXIAR.

  • 15:30, 22 January

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