Bränslecellskonferens 2015

Bränslecellskonferens 2015

Dokumentation från Bränslecellskonferensen den 3 december på Arlanda.


Introduction and welcome
Elna Holmberg, SHC; Bertil Wahlund, Energiforsk​

Technology development in Sweden - key note
New Powercell Auto stack for automotive use​
Andreas Bodén, Powercell

Volvo APU tests for heavy vehicles
Jonas Hagerskans, Volvo Technology

Pre studies and Technology watches
Left over hydrogen: costs and what can be measured
Anna Alexandersson, SP

Requirements of power electronics for fuel cells in electric vehicles
Andreas Bodén, Powercell

How much will the future fuel cell vehicle cost? and Fuel cell configurations for vehicles
Hans Pohl, Viktoria Swedish ICT

Reporting from IEA AFC annexes and technology development
Introduction IEA and Annex 33 Stationary fuel cells
Bengt Ridell, Grontmij

Recent Development of portable fuel cells and news from
Maria Wesselmark, Intertek Semko

Recent Development for SOFC as well as News from IEA Annexes 32 SOFC and 37 Modelling
Bengt Sundén, LTH

Technology watches research findings within FFI fuel cell projects
PEFC technology development, in connection to FFI project Components and concepts for PEFC in vehicle applications​
Göran Lindbergh, KTH

SOFC technology development, in connection to FFI project Improved life time for SOFC-APU
Jan-Erik Svensson, Hannes Falk Windisch, Chalmers

Status of Fuel Cell Technology
Bengt Ridell, Grontmij

Presentation of the hydrogen fuelling station at Arlanda
Roger Andersson, Aga


Boka in årets konferens, som kommer att hållas 29 november i Stockholm.