Bränslecellskonferens 2016

Bränslecellskonferens 2016

Dokumentation från bränslecellskonferensen den 29 november i Stockholm.

Introduction and welcome
Kristina Difs, Energimyndigheten; Bertil Wahlund, Energiforsk

Keynote session. Industry perspective
Materials for fuel cells
Hanna Bramfeldt, Sandvik

Automotive fuel cell stack development at PowerCell Sweden
Thomas Tingelöf, Powercell

Hydrogen – production and infrastructure
Hydrogen production – what are the options?
Maria Grahn, Chalmers

The hydrogen infrastructure and utilisation world-wide and Results from work with national hydrogen innovation agenda
Erik Wiberg, Vätgas Sverige

Pre studies and Technology watches
Powertrain configurations for vehicles
Anders Grauers, Chalmers

Heavy trucks within the industry
Angelica Treiber, TFK

Fuel cell powered cargo-bikes – a feasibility study
Anders Lundblad, MdH

When are fuel cells competitive in vehicles
Göran Lindbergh, KTH

Recent Development of SOFC and Modelling of fuel cells
Bengt Sundén, LTH

Technology watches and development and research findings within FFI fuel cell projects
PEFC technology development
Carina Lagergren & Rakel Wreland Lindström, KTH

SOFC technology development
Hannes Falk Windisch, Chalmers

Industry perspective cont.
Recent Development of portable fuel cells
Maria Wesselmark, Intertek Semko

Plansee activites within SOFC and MSC
Anders Hållbro, Plansee

Study visit at myFC and the production site in central Stockholm, including the YuMi robot