25 - 26 januari

Nuclear Beyond Electricity

Welcome to Energiforsk's annual Nuclear Power Conference 2022! As urgency to decarbonise the energy system rises, this years conference will dig deeper into the vast potential of nuclear power for deep decarbonisation in sectors beyond electricity production.

Nuclear reactors produce enough electricity to meet ten percent of today’s global electricity demand. However, the potential for nuclear energy goes beyond just electricity production. 

From underground district heating networks to synthethic fuels for airplanes to space missions, the potential for nuclear energy application is significant. By stabilising the power grid, nuclear power can also enable greater generation and transmission of electricity, aiding in the decarbonisation of the power grid. Nuclear power could therefore provide important reductions of fossil fuel consumption within and beyond the energy sector.

Join us for Energiforsk's annual nuclear conference 2022 where international experts will gather in Stockholm and online to discuss, reflect, and provide insight on the role of nuclear beyond electricity to power sustainable societies.

Speakers include representatives from the IAEA, nuclear industry, researchers and more. Full list of speakers and conference programme to be announced!

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