20 - 21 jan, Webinar/Stockholm

Energiforsk Annual Nuclear Conference 2021 on Small Modular Reactors

Small modular reactors have gained increased attention in both Sweden and Finland the last years. Tangible plans are underway in countries such as Estonia, United Kingdom and Poland.

Compared to new-build of large-scale nuclear production, small modular reactors provide opportunities for lower capital cost and a wider application scope. Possible applications, apart from electricity, ranges from heat for industrial processes and hydrogen production to district heating. Such reactors may thus constitute a flexible system solution for a decarbonized energy system – including electricity, heat and transport. The addition of firm capacity with a high degree of flexibility may also support the integration of weather dependent electricity production.

In the upcoming Energiforsk nuclear power conference Nordic and international speakers will give insights on current development within the field of small modular reactors in Sweden, Finland and internationally. What could be the role of small modular reactors in the future energy system? What are the economical and technical benefits? What is needed to enhance the development? 




Price and registration

Save the date, more details on the program will be announced during the fall.

Web attendance will be available and we are hoping to offer an option to meet face to face in Stockholm. This is however dependant on the development of the ongoing pandemic. 

Contact person for the conference is Monika Adsten