November 2015 The emerging European market for electricity

The emerging European market for electricity

Den 24 november 2015 arrangerade vi en internationell konferens på temat "The emerging European market for electricity: challenges and opportunities".

Ladda gärna ner de olika presentationerna: 

Keynote speakers 
Matti Supponen DG Energy, Unit B2: Wholesale Markets, electricity & gas 
Lars Bergman Stockholm School of Economics

Market value and market design 
Market value and the future of renewables, Lion Hirth, Neon Neue Energieökonomik, Germany 
Economic and technical analysis of the European system with a high RES scenario, Miguel Lopez-Botet Zulueta, EDF R&D, France 
Gone with the wind? An empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transfer, Matti Liski, Aalto University, Finland

Stakeholder and consumer roles 
Demand response from a business model perspective, Ruud Vrolijk, Eneco Regulatory Affairs, The Netherlands 
The (r)evolutionary role of the DSO, Roberto Zangrandi, Special Adviser to EDSO, Belgium 
Demand response in the Finnish retail electricity market, Salla Annala, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Competitiveness and the European energy markets 
Energy transition, competitiveness and industrial investments, Dr. Hubertus Bardt, Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Germany 
Spill-over effects of the German Energiewende: a plant-level analysis for the Dutch market, Machiel Mulder, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 
Socioeconomic impacts of transition policies, Bengt Kriström, CERE, Sweden