No unforeseen impact by external grid disturbances

The vision of the program is to increase knowledge and awareness on the interaction between nuclear power plant electrical system and the external grid, leading to higher nuclear power plant availability.

Benefits and deliverables

Receivers of expected benefits/deliverables

The main receivers are:

  • The NPP operators, to revise safety, achieve excellent plant availability, minimise unplanned shutdowns and maintenance needs and maintain all safety margins.
  • The plant owners, to assist in optimising operating costs and investment strategies.
  • The radiation safety authorities (SSM, STUK) have an interest in the benefits of this program to better validate safety margins.
  • The transmission system operator (TSOs Svenska kraftnät and FinGrid) benefits from several of the outcomes, such as improved plant reliability and stable production.

Expected benefits

The benefits from the program include better knowledge of risks in external grid interaction from several different possible events, improved modelling of specific occurrences leading to possible pro-active measures, lower costs for component replacement, and avoidance of extended outage due to better understanding of the most vulnerable components. Increased preparedness and robustness against unknown or unidentified events and patterns are also expected benefits. The program constitutes an arena for interaction between NPPs, regulators and TSO’s, to discuss mutual challenges and opportunities.

Expected deliverables

Reports, hands on guidelines and recommendations on how to reduce risks in nuclear power plant and grid interaction will be developed. Seminars will be used as an important tool to start activities in new areas. This is found to be a cost-efficient method to get initial knowledge within an area and, if applicable, formulate an R&D activity.