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19 maj, Webinar

Software certification in nuclear I&C components

The use of industry standard or commercial-off-the-shelf (Cots) equipment containing software in nuclear power facilities has become more common in recent years, particularly for digital industrial devices including field equipment. Although the equipment may have been certified against a safety standard such as IEC 61508, the role and acceptance of such certification within the safety demonstration varies across different countries and sectors.

Energiforsk I&C R&D program ENSRIC has commissioned UK consultancy Adelard to understand how certification has been used to justify the software of equipment for use in safety (or safety-related) applications.  The scope of the study will cover the nuclear industries of different countries and other non-nuclear safety-critical industries.

The findings of the Adelard study will be presented at a webinar, along with a number of invited distinguished international speakers who will share the approaches adopted by their industries and lessons that have been learned. The webinar will include opportunities for discussion and sharing of lessons and good practices between representatives of different industries.