Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Embracing the Promise of Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

The first uses cases of the additive manufacturing appeared to the nuclear industry few years ago while the major breakthrough is still waiting nuclear-specific standardization and regularization. The International Atomic Energy Agency is supporting regulatory work by launching cooperation networks for information sharing.

Read more in IAEA's news center

A First for the Nuclear Industry: CNL Researchers Successfully 3D Print Using Uranium Dioxide

Researchers at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories have produced 3D printed UO2 parts the first time ever. In the future, 3D printing UO2 would make it possible to produce complex shapes of nuclear fuel allowing to increase temperature limits of the fuel.

Read more in Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' news center

ČEZ and Škoda JS expand use of 3D printing

In the recent years, the risk of the disruptions in the nuclear spare part supply chains has increased. In order to minimize the risk, Czech ČEZ and Škoda JS have developed their additive manufacturing abilities. During the last year, they produced several thousand 3D printed parts.

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AM goes nuclear: USNC on how it is using 3D printing to produce its FCM fuel

Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation is designing its Fully-Ceramic-Microencapsulated nuclear fuel to be more safe than the conventional designs. USNC is explaining how they are utilizing additive manufacturing on reaching their vision.

Read more in TCT Magazine

Framatome installs first 3D-printed stainless steel fuel component at Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant

Framatome and KSB have produced a 3D-printed upper tie plate grid and installed it at Forsmark nuclear power plant. The stainless steel component is located at the nuclear fuel assembly inside nuclear reactor.

Read more in Framatome’s news center

Westinghouse Creates and Installs Industry’s First 3D-Printed Fuel Debris Filter for Nuclear Power Plants

Fuel debris filters are installed in nuclear reactors to prevent foreign material from entering into the reactor and thus possibly damaging nuclear fuel. Westinghouse has produced fuel debris filters by additive manufacturing methods and now the filters are in use in Olkiluoto 2 and Oskarshamn 3 units.

Read more in Westinghouse news release

New 3D Printing Industries: Nuclear Industry

Additive manufacturing is founding its place in nuclear industry and the first 3D printed components are already in use in nuclear reactors. The article summarizes 3D printing use cases from recent years.


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