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19 - 20 oktober, Malmö

International Seminar on Gasification

The 9th International Seminar on Gasification will cover R&D and industrial activities relating to different aspects of thermal gasification of biomass and waste, biofuels and power-to-gas applications.


This is a meeting place for professionals from the industry and the academia on an international level, with ample time for networking, in the breaks between sessions, as well as during and after the conference dinner.

The event series started already in 2007, with the aim to bring gasification stakeholders together to share experiences and views on thermal gasification to produce renewable electricity, biofuels and bio-methane. 

In 2014, the event attracted some 85 participants from a dozen of different countries. The presentations included updates on a handful of pioneering industrial biomass and waste gasification plants such as GoBiGas 200 GWh bio-methane plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, the 160 MW thermal input / 50 MW electrical output waste gasification plant at Lahti, Finland and the Enerkem Greenfield Alberta Biofuels plant in Edmonton, Canada. 

The Programme
The 2016 event will have invited speakers and will focus on projects and recent developments, e.g. updates on policies, existing plants, waste gasification, biofuels and the integration of other renewable energies in gasification systems. The seminar has over time been recognized as a valuable platform for networking and exchange of information, results and experiences within the field of gasification of biomass and wastes.

Date: October 19-20, 2016

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