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19 - 23 oktober, Webinar

SVC research school 2020

Welcome to a week of updates in the field of hydropower and dams. Svenskt vattenkraftcentrum, SVC researchers are providing the hydropower industry with on-line knowledge.

The SVC research school 2020 is giving two courses. The first provides a basic understanding of generators, their construction and their behaviour on the grid. The second course will give you basic knowledge of the physical and mechanical behaviour of concrete dams. It will also give basic knowledge about analysis, design and condition assessments of concrete dams and other hydraulic structures, regarding their structural safety and condition assessment. The two courses are:

Synchronous generators for Hydropower Applications

The content of this course is basic electricity, three phase systems, electrical energy conversion, design of electrical machinery, magnetic circuits, airgap flux density, stator winding layout, induced voltage, the generator on the grid, transmission of power, stability and regulation.

Lectures, exercises and laboratory

19 – 21 October 2020

There will be a written exam

Professor Urban Lundin Division of Electricity, Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, phone 018-4715824

Structural Engineering for hydropower structures

This course will cover

  • Material behaviour of concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Concrete dams and other hydraulic structures
  • Durability aspects
  • Dam safety and potential failure modes
  • Loads
  • Design principles
  • Numerical analysis
  • Survey of existing structures
  • Measurements and data analysis,
  • Computer lab “Concrete dam safety”

21 - 23 October 2020

Course lecturers
Richard Malm, KTH and Erik Nordström, VRD/KTH

Lecture notes will be sent to the participants before each lecture and it is essential that all participants reads the notes and prepare questions to the lecture.

Basic knowledge in physics, mathematics and structural mechanics as well as basic power engineering/electricity i required.

A project assignment regarding assessment of dam safety will be given at the start of the course. The course participants should solve the tasks and submit a project assignment report to the examiner. After the report has been accepted, the examiner will report the credits. Participation in the lectures and the computer laboratory is mandatory.

Contact person for this course is Richard Malm, KTH