Documentation from the KME-HTC Research Symposium, March 15-16, 2016

The documentation of the KME-HTC conference is now available for all participants. The visit to Örtoftaverken was well appreciated. Read about the exciting results from the research programmes.

This year's symposium was held in Lund, Sweden and covered research on high temperature corrosion, fatigue and mechanical properties, as well as other issues related to materials and materials technology development for thermal energy processesThe applications included steam boilers, gas turbines and new energy technologies, e.g. fuel cells and gasification of biomass.

Documentation from the symposium: click here. A login will be sent out to all participants.

"The research dealing with propagation over time of Cl induced corrosion is very interesting – that I look forward to hear more about."
Anna Jonasson

"It is a great opportunity to get the whole portfolio with KME and HTC presented at one occasion, and to meet and network with the national competence in the area. To be able to have direct communication with the researchers is also very valuable."
Jesper Ederth

The site visit to Kraftringen’s biofuel based CHP plant Örtoftaverket was fully booked.


Here you have the whole programme for 2016: opens up as a pdf

The KME-HTC Research Symposium will be arranged next near, and we are really looking forward to see you again.

Bertil Wahlund, KME
Lars-Gunnar Johansson, HTC