Experter pratar mätning och övervakning av betongkonstruktioner i kärnkraft

Vattenfall, OKG och finska TVO presenterar hur de hanterar övervakning och mätning av betong. Senaste forskningen presenteras av Betongtekniskt program kärnkraft.

The Energiforsk Concrete Research Program Nuclear welcomes you to a seminar on Instrumentation and Monitoring of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Plants. The seminar is held as a first step in our proces to develop new activities within this area.

The presentations will start at 12.30, and the registration at the reception at Vattenfall takes a while so please arrive at the latest by 12.15 to be in time. 

When: March 15, at 12.00-16.30
Vattenfall head office, Evenemangsgatan 13, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
Programme and registration: >>click here
Participation is free of charge. 
Registration is open until March 13.

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